Philips Respironics Launches “The Clinical Advantage” Newsletter

Philips Respironics has released the first issue of Philips Respironics Clinical Newsletter, Philips Respironics – The Clinical Advantage.

The Clinical Advantage is designed to bring you up to date clinical information on a current topic of interest. Each issue will cover a specific theme and include an editorial by Dr David White, and externally written feature articles, case studies and reviews of ongoing research by leading physicians. Dr White writes:

“Welcome to the first edition of Philips Respironics’ newsletter The Clinical Advanage. This is a newsletter dedicated to keeping you up to date with clinical information and new clinical literature regarding sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has been the engine that has driven the remarkable growth of the sleep field over the last 25 years. Although the medical community and the general public have been interested in the performance and quality-of-life problems that result from sleep apnea, the real concern has been the potential relationship between OSA and the cardiovascular system.

“The theme of the first issue is SDB and Cardiovascular disease and includes a feature article by Dr Michael Arzt (Germany). Michael Arzt summarizes the current state of the literature regarding the association between OSA and cardiovascular disease and points out many of the areas where controversy still remains. Case studies are also presented which develop several of these themes further. However, this controversy will not end until adequately powered, randomized, controlled, clinical trials are conducted addressing this issue. At last, several such studies are underway.”

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