Snoring Disorders Centre Opens New Clinic at 150 Harley Street in London

Leading UK sleep specialist, consultant ENT surgeon Michael Oko, today announced the opening of a new clinic at 150 Harley Street, London. The Snoring Disorders Centre adds the prestigious London location to its existing clinics in Boston and Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Mr Oko said, “As well as catering for private patients in London and the South East of England the new Snoring Disorders Centre clinic will serve a growing number of international patients who come for treatment from all corners of the world.

“The Snoring Disorders Centre provides a life-changing service for sufferers of obstructive sleep apnoea and other sleep-related disorders. Problem snoring and sleep apnoea are a more widespread problem than most people think. Often people do not even realise that they are a sufferer, which is why there has traditionally been a low awareness of, and a lack of provision for, this illness.”

Consultant ENT surgeon Mr Michael Oko opened the first Snore Centre clinic in 2006 in the Bostonian wing of Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. Prior to this there was no sleep apnoea service across Lincolnshire, leaving a population of 700,000 people with little provision for sleeping disorders. Due to increased access to resources more people are now able to address their sleeping problems and enhance the quality of their lives, and in 2008 the Snore Centre gained recognition for this achievement by winning the NHS East Midlands Healthcare Award for service transformation.

Mr Oko actively campaigns for greater awareness of the dangers of sleep apnoea in regions with high incidence such as the Middle East. In 2011 Mr Oko was recently presented with an award for his contribution to healthcare in the Middle East region by Riz Khan of Al Jazeera.

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    As many as half of adults snore sometimes. Snoring occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as you breathe, which creates those irritating sounds.`”‘:

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