Patient Blogpost: From Yawn! Yawn! Yawn! to Wide Awake

Yawn! yawn! yawn! that was my problem for years, even whilst in my early thirties, whilst studying, sat in a classroom, I would yawn away constantly and blame ‘air hunger’ on the cause, feeling absolutely awful in the morning, as though I needed a good sleep as soon as I woke was a normal feeling that I had learned to live with thinking that it was eventually due to getting older and overweight but knew that I was ‘fit and well’ and could usually do more than this. Walking through treacle and even half a days work felt like I had done a 12 hour double shift, everything a chore, the occasional good day was always well received but was in the minority.

Then I was lucky enough to meet Mr Oko and assist him on a clinic after which he asked me about my yawning and we discussed how my husband couldn’t stand my snoring and how I had to stay up for an hour after he went to bed so that he could get to sleep first, how he had told me for years that I stopped breathing and would then just gasp and return to snoring away, which would disturb his sleep for the rest of the night.  After we talked, Mr Oko advised me to get referred to him to get tested for sleep apnoea.

This I did and after spending a night strapped up to the monitors I was diagnosed with definite sleep apnoea and although I had heard from others about the difficulties of using a CPAP machine etc I was well prepared to give it a go.

The biggest problem for me at first was finding a socket to plug it in by my bed but we got round that with an extension lead and found that the underbed drawer was brilliant for putting the machine out of the way during the day and then just open it at night. The next obstacle for me was waking with such a terribly dry mouth, so a humidifier was fitted and hey presto, hubby and I both got sleep!

I have been nothing but impressed by the service provided by ‘Respironics’ who have kept in touch all the way and me preferring email communication, they have always responded promptly. Equipment provision has been better than excellent and replacements, when necessary, have been done on what has always felt to be a priority basis and I truly am impressed by the service and reassurance they have provided.

Now my sleep is 5-6 hours good quality sleep, up and about well before everyone else and AWAKE as soon as I wake…… sounds silly but before, I would get up but take hours before I felt properly alive.

Two and a half years on, I am still loving my CPAP machine and although some nights I fall asleep before I put it on, I would not be without it. I have tried most of the different masks and nasal tubes etc but returned to the original face mask due to comfort etc.

It hasn’t turned me into superwoman or made me look like a model, it hasn’t made life fabulous by getting rid of the usual everyday events that make life less pleasant BUT it has given me the chance to feel ‘normal’ and enjoy getting up in a morning and therefore get on with living and able to deal with the daily events that come along as I should be able to without feeling that absolutely everything is a hurdle and it has stopped that feeling of being shattered before the day has even started !!!



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