Write to Your MP About Sleep Apnoea and Make a Difference!

The British Lung Foundation is running a campaign to raise awareness of sleep apnoea. In their10-point OSA Charter, they call on governments across the UK to take action so that people with OSA and their families get the support and treatment they need.

You can help to make a difference! by completing this online form on the BLFs website, you can tell your elected representative why it is important to take action on OSA to bring about earlier and better rates of diagnosis, and to secure better care and treatment for all those with the condition.


The OSA Charter

The British Lung Foundation…

Believes that people with OSA and their families have a right to:
1. OSA screening, through primary care wherever possible;
2. a speedy and accurate diagnosis in a sleep clinic, wherever they live in the UK;
3. access to appropriate treatment and to a comprehensive specialist sleep service if needed, wherever they live in the UK;
4. appropriate information and ongoing support for the management of the condition, according to agreed national standards and provided by suitably qualified and trained staff; and
5.timely and relevant information on the implications of an OSA diagnosis for vigilance-critical job roles, and fast-tracking for diagnosis and treatment if people with OSA drive for a living.

Calls on governments across the UK to:

6. make OSA a national priority;
7. increase awareness of the symptoms and dangers of, and issues that surround, OSA among medical professionals, employers, the general public and those at greatest risk;
8. ensure collection of comprehensive data to enable commissioners and service planners to provide effective services; and
9. encourage investment in research, including clinical trials, recognising the potential cost savings and improvements to quality of life that could be made.

And encourages employers to:

10. arrange for all staff who are employed as drivers or in other vigilance-critical roles to be screened for OSA.

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