Goodnight Britain Preview Clip: Getting Used To CPAP Mask

Catch the full show on 28th and 29th November BBC1 9pm.



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  1. Roz’s avatar

    Ive just watched the video clip and I’ve added it to my Facebook page so that others can see why they need to be checked out too, and also see what I am going through.
    Just from a female perspective I wish they would have shown a female as the patient with OSA as well, as this was my concern when i was first diagnosed, i thought it was just something men got!!!
    I was quickly reassured and have spoken to many female patients since, so I don’t feel so alone.
    I love the way the chap’s wife totally accepted it from the outset and I have been very lucky my OH has done so too….. its just me who still isn’t keen although Mr Oko knows Im 100% compliant, and will remain so. xx



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