If You Have Sleep Apnoea and Hypertension CPAP Treatment Will Reduce Both!


A link has already been found between sleep apnea and hypertension but recent research suggests that if people have sleep apnea and hypertension, they should treat sleep apnea first and it will take care of hypertension.

The study involved 194 patients who were diagnosed with hypertension and also suffering from sleep apnea. Some patients were randomly administered CPAP while others were not. The patients continued to take their blood pressure medications.

It was found that those patients who received CPAP showed reduction in their blood pressure. Their average blood pressure of 24 hours was lowered 3.1 mm/Hg more than those who didn’t receive CPAP. Diastolic blood pressure also gets reduced by 3.2 mm/Hg. The study lasted for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, researchers noted that 36% of CPAP receiving patients showed 90% decline in their night time blood pressure as compared to 22% of those who didn’t receive CPAP.

Researchers found that prevalence of sleep apnea in patients who are suffering from hypertension is very high and undergoing from a standard sleep apnea treatment is beneficial for the patient. The further advised that individuals having sleep apnea should undergo sleep study to determine whether they are suffering from constructive sleep apnea.
Further studies are needed to evaluate long term benefits of this treatment.

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  1. Stella Farwell’s avatar

    Snoring is just a symptom of sleep apnoea. Therefore, there are other complications hidden in that illness.


  2. MW’s avatar

    How could 365 patients of 194 have a lowered bloodpressure? Your numbers dont match!


  3. admin’s avatar

    Well spotted! That should be 36% not 365. Corrected now



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