Snore Centre now offering KOS Therapy


A large part of the population suffers from nasal congestion and a condition called rhinitis, which makes breathing difficult. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal membranes caused by an allergic or non-allergic reaction or by hormones, infections, occupational or other triggering factors.

It is a very common disease that results in significant costs for medical treatment, impairs breathing and disrupts sleep, causing fatigue and reduced productivity at work and at school. Treatments offered are antihistamines or surgical procedures or a combination of both, which are costly, may have disadvantages and do not guarantee appropriate relief.

The Snore Centre at 150 Harley Street nows offer patients with non-allergic rhinitis a simple twentyminute, non-invasive outpatient KOS neuromodulation treatment without surgery or pharmaceuticals, with almost instant relief or within a few days for those responding.


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