3D Scanner Installed at Harley Street Clinic

Complete 3D full body scanning is now available at the Sleeping Disorders Centre. Scanning someone is simple. Patients simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 30 seconds, while the platform spins. With its razor sharp high resolution infrared images, Styku technology captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds in a fast, non-invasive process.



The Styku app gives professionals the ability to perform a full body scan, view 3D models, extract measurements, track changes in body shape, calculate fitness and health metrics, and much more. This technology is used at health clubs by fitness professionals and nutritionists, and now Snore Centre founder Michael Oko has identified the benefits the device can provide in a medical context. Improving fitness and weight loss is a key part of treating sleep apnoea, and the 3D body scanner allows this be assessed and monitored in a new and comprehensive way.


Watch a video of the scanner in action…


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  1. Patrick’s avatar

    Is this full body scanner safe? Do you think the ones in the airport are safe with repeated long term exposure? Seem like the best solution to snoring is just to exercise as much as you can and change your diet. Sleep apnea barely causes a radar blip in the developing world where they can’t over eat and have to walk around for transportation.


  2. Fernando’s avatar

    I think it’s great the health sector is developing into the digital stage, the technology is there and continuously evolving with better results and measurements for customers. Several companies are now partnering with brands to make it more mainstream. I’ve been following one called Texel
    , one of the top 3D scanning manufacturers in the world that are currently partnered with Marks&Spencer for digital fitting and showrooms for their customers. Think this could really take off sooner rather than later!



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