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My name is Lisa, little Lisa, little’un, or wee one, as I’m usually referred to by friends and family, or even, “that little lass with the loud mouth”, as I’ve also been fondly referred to by my acquaintances. I have a confession to make; I’m a snorer. But that’s not all, I raise the rafters, sound like a train, and snore like a pig or any other animal you can think of, I’m it, and I do it well. As well as snoring I had a habit of falling asleep in the most embarrassing places at the most embarrassing times, I can tell you a few stories about that, but first of all let me tell you why I see it as a confession.

Well my long suffering husband and I run a Bed & Breakfast in the bracing seaside town of Skegness. My husband cooks breakfast and I serve it. While doing this I have often had comments like, “I heard your husband snoring last night”, and similar. Then one day a nice lady looked at me pityingly, while gently patting my hand, and whispered to me: “I’m married to a snorer sweetie so I sympathise with you, the sleepless nights, thinking he’s stopped breathing and waking up just to nudge him so he breathes, those gaps can be very frightening dear so I know what it’s like. You should really get him to see someone about that for both your sakes”. I blushed and thanked her for the concern and advice, as I did whenever anyone else had made similar comments, but the truth was…….. I’m the one that they heard. I was too ashamed to admit this; I mean petite ladies like myself are not supposed to snore are they? It’s supposed to be middle aged men that are overweight isn’t it, just like only overweight people have high cholesterol. This not true either, I’ve always been slim but here I am with both of these problems.

My husband had often complained about my snoring keeping him up, how tired he was, and was now talking about us having separate rooms. I was a little shocked about this and didn’t know the impact it was having on him, after all he had always known I was snorer! Back when I was 18 years old my husband and I were courting we’d had a couple of dates, then two weeks after we’d first met I was invited to dinner with his family. I was a little nervous, but excited that his family wanted to meet me. I went along to dinner and afterwards we settled down to watch a film in the lounge. All the family where there including his sister, her husband, and their children, it was so relaxing and I was really enjoying myself. The next thing I remember was being woken up as no one could hear the television because I’d fallen asleep and was snoring so loudly! I was sooo embarrassed I asked him to call me a cab, thanking his family for their hospitality, and went home. I was so upset because I really liked this one, but didn’t really expect him to call me again after that.

Now here we are 25 years 2 children and a grandchild later and he wants to have separate rooms, the first step to a relationship break down in my mind. I really didn’t want this so I plucked up the courage to speak to my GP about it. The GP also told me that this may have been a contributing factor to the TIA (mini stroke) I had suffered and that I should have come to see him earlier, he then referred me to Dr Oko’s clinic.

That was three years ago now and I’m at the point where I can see that, one, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and two, the wasted time I spent being ashamed could have been spent getting treatment earlier and improving my health and  quality of life for myself and my family. I mean, I’ve had my children wake me when I’ve woken them up in the night with the snoring, and I’ve tried to hold down working full time, raising a family, and running a business, while being tired all the time. I’ve fallen asleep at dinner parties, at training courses, while assessing people in their own homes, and have been judged as being bad mannered or rude for doing this. It had been a great family joke that, “our Lisa can fall asleep on a washing line in a storm”, and it’s true, I could. But until seeing Dr Oko I had never realised that it was also affecting my health and wellbeing and that of those close to me.

I had tried all the old wives remedies; tennis ball stuffed in my night wear; pillow behind me, etc. But none worked because it didn’t matter how I slept, if I laid on my back, front, side, or even sat up; I will still snore. I tried things on the roof of my mouth, the strips across the bridge of my nose, the olbus oil under my pillow, the plug-ins; been there done that, I still snore. I met with Mr Oko and he went through a few options with me.

I slept over at the sleeping clinic and we discussed what the problem was and what treatment might work for me. First I had the mouth guard, I had this fitted and tried it for a few nights. I hated it and couldn’t get on with it all. Then I had an operation, they straightened my nose (thanks for that!), took my tonsils out, and lasered the extra flesh from the roof of my mouth. I was quite sore after this but had placed all my hopes on it, rather a drastic move but the outcome was going to be worth it, or so I thought. That wasn’t the case at all, I had a vascular bleed 10 days after the op, it was quite scary and I was in a lot of pain, but it would all be worth it, wouldn’t it ?

NO is the answer to that, it wasn’t. It didn’t work and I was now desperate. As well as making all this noise when I slept I also now made noises when I ate, I often choked on drinks, and had a garden pea come out of my nose one time, and the snoring had gotten worse. What to do now? Mr Oko, however, never lost hope, he again asked me about the cpap machine. Me, all I could see was Darth Vader from the star wars films, and my husband’s face when he saw it!

Mr Oko reminded me of my health and gave me time to weigh up the pros and cons. I did, and agreed to give it a try. I tried the mask that went over your mouth and nose first. I hated it, I struggled to sleep with it on, and if I moved the air escaped and made my eyes sore. When I did fall asleep it woke me up when I turned over as it moved, so I felt panicked and took it off. I kept trying but couldn’t get on with it. Next time I tried one on that was smaller, it just covered my nose, this wasn’t much better again, I would get sore eyes, cold-like symptoms, and felt I was getting less sleep and feeling even more tired.

Next I tried the full face mask so I didn’t get sore eyes, and it was less likely to move if I turned over. Still it didn’t work, so now as well as being tired, keeping my husband awake, and being short tempered, I was feeling like a failure. Mr Oko must also have been losing patience with me, I mean how hard can it be? I just want to sleep, why did I have to be so awkward?

Eventually, Mr Oko gave me a new mask to go with the latest, “Lisa I don’t think you grasp how important this is”, lecture. This mask was much less intrusive, a tiny little thing that fits to my nostrils, and I took Mr Oko’s advice to try and desensitise myself to it. I wore it while watching TV and reading, my family would joke about it, and instead of it being my nightmare, it turned into a fun thing. My granddaughter even asks about it now, and asks if she can have one. I have since redoubled my efforts and got over the stigma of wearing it with the support of my family (a unique type of support that only my lot would do; sneaking pics and sending them to me, modelling in it, and laughing about it)

I think it has actually changed my life, I am sleeping better now (not that I ever had a problem sleeping), by that I mean the sleep I’m getting is better quality, I wake feeling better, more refreshed, I’m not falling asleep in the day, or sleeping 16 hours and still waking up tired. I’m getting on with life now and not worrying about dropping off in public places, and looking forward to taking the card to my next appointment with Dr Oko and finally having my last sleepover at the clinic wearing my mask so he can see we did it. We did it as a team if you like, me, Dr Oko, and my family. I don’t wear it every night, sometimes my granddaughter  stays over and sleeps with me, I’d hate to frighten her in the night if she wakes, but on the whole I think I’m getting there. I’m not quite full of beans yet but I’m getting there, well, as much as be expected at my age anyway!


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Well I had to just put pen to paper about my care and treatment to try and give a bit of hope to anyone that is struggling. I started on CPAP about 7 months ago. At first I was given a normal CPAP machine and full face mask.  Things did not go too well and I kept going back to my local sleep clinic. The sleep tech was really good and helpful, she did all she could to help me, she sent me home with an APAP to see what pressure my normal  machine needed setting at.

I had it for 2 nights and these where the only 2 nights I had any sleep at all!!! During my time struggling I had to go off work sick, as it made me so down, and I could not think what I was doing . I asked about seeing if there was any chance getting an APAP, but this area does not prescribe APAP and seeing as I had only had used one for 2 nights I was unsure if it was all in the mind !!! I used my CPAP every night without fail for at least 4 hours but I was just feeling worse and worse.

I was due to go and see the specialist and I was at my wits end as I had been trying for about 20 weeks. I am a fighter but by this time I was in bits and unable to think about anything, so I came off my CPAP thinking that in 2 weeks’ time I was seeing the specialist and I would get some help!!!!! Little did I know what was going to happen!! I saw the so-called sleep consultant for this area he basically he told me that there was nothing he could do!!!!!

He said I was suffering from insomnia and needed to see a  psychologist . Then he looked in down my  throat said I could not have an operation to help me because I had too much fat, and because I had not used my machine for the last 2 weeks he wanted it back and asked if I had got it with me !! So the next day I went to hand it back in, all the time knowing that I needed something. I was totally gutted, it was like sending me home with a ticking time bomb!!!

For the next few weeks I just thought sod it, I will just not have any treatment. But Kath Hope from hope 2 sleep suggested going back to my GP and maybe seeing someone else. After talking to Roz, who had already been treated, shetold me about Mr Oko at Boston. He was  3 hours drive from where I live but it was well worth going to see him. He gave me an APAP machine due to my sleep test results, along with a Respironics Blue Gel mask. That was 5 weeks ago and since then I have used  the APAP every night and I am sleeping for about 7 to 8 hours. As the days go on the more happier I am with it.

I have not felt like this for over 15 years. During this time I have had depression and was nearly sectioned. I also suffer with fibromyalgia, and the last few days these things have improved so much so that in time I will hopefully be able to come off my medication.  So never give up, there is always someone out there that can help, you just have to find the right specialist.  I got my appointment to see Mr Oko within a approx. a week and attended his clinic a few weeks later.

Before you go in to see Mr Oko you see a nurse who tells you every thing you need to know about sleep apnoea, which also puts you at ease. I cannot say how grateful I am to Mr Oko and his team for their help. If I had gone on with no treatment I dread to think what would have happened to me. I already feel that I’ve had at least 15 years of hell due to sleep apnoea. I want to say thank you to you all at Boston and thank Mr Oko for giving me a life again. The other 2 people i have to thank are Kath Hope from hope 2 sleep and Roz for getting me to see Mr Oko.

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Its been 4 months to the day exactly that I have been using CPAP. You can backtrack on my initial stages on previous blogs, but though it was time for another update…
Reading or I should say listening to the blog Post with the BBC Breakfast Clip about SA during Stop Snoring week. It really got me thinking of how lucky I have been. The clip from the show hardly highlighted the potential dangers of SA. Shame really… I would have thought the BBC could have done a better story.
I consider myself very lucky indeed, like the chap on the TV Clip, I went to my GP ”just about snoring”.  I was referred to Mr Oko’s Sleep Clinic. Unlike it appeared from the clip, I had a thorough examination of my nose and throat, blood tests and a Sleep Study. It was then that it was diagnosed that I didn’t just have the problem of snoring! I did in fact have Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea with an AHI of 62.
I wasn’t ‘just given’ (like it appeared on the TV Clip) a CPAP machine -as initially by my own choice I didn’t want to use one- but after much research online I changed my mind and with the utmost care and patience from Mr Oko and his Team I have successfully got through the last 4 months. A few hiccups on the way, but that was mainly due to not being able to find a mask that I felt comfortable with. There were many tears and many fears, but I think we have got there now 🙂
When I initially didn’t want to use the CPAP therapy I was offered an alternative that may not fully help the OSA but would help the snoring. This was an Mandibular Advancement Device. Initial use of this wasn’t as successful as hoped for, but after an adjustment to extend it, it successfully stopped the snoring. So now, on Mr Oko’s advice, I am using this along with the CPAP machine as it will help bring my receded jaw forward as I sleep, as well as having the constant air blowing through my nose.
After trying several masks I think I have now found the right one for me…. its the Philips Respironics True Blue Nasal Mask and I can happily recommend it. Its so much softer and doesn’t leak air as you move due to the new technology of the concertina part of the mask. They make this one in a petite size which seems to be a better fit for me too.
Although mentally I am still coming to terms with having this condition, with a little help from my GP too, I am very proud to say that over the past 4 months I have been 100% complaint and my AHI readings have gone down to around a ‘normal’ 3….. It must be a first in my life… I’ve always been anything but normal!! lol
Sadly unlike many CPAP users I haven’t had that feeling of waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. Maybe one day I will, but having Fibromyalgia doesn’t really help the situation as that zaps all my energy away.
On a recent clinic appointment to see Mr Oko, I was so pleased that he is very happy with my progress and he is confident that I am in control of the therapy, he has now suggested my next appointment can be a telephone consultation. Such a brilliant idea as I wont have to leave the house and have to travel 15 miles to the Hospital (or 25 to the other Clinic in Spalding). I know that I can contact them at any time and arrange a face to face appointment, plus I have the support from Philips Respironics who are also excellent and offer first class support for OSA and their products.
Within 2 or 3 days of my appointment I had a letter through confirming my ‘next’ appointment…by phone. That way I know when to be by the phone ready and have any questions written down that I may need to ask…so all in all a bit of a success story 🙂 The best will be yet to come when I have finally accepted the whole issue of having this condition and having it for life…. I am aware that if I were to stop using the CPAP Therapy the apnoeas would go back up. So its definitely in my own interest to continue with it.
I am confident about using the CPAP therapy but I don’t think I would be had I just been given a machine and ‘any’ mask and just told it will stop the snoring….. Mr Oko has helped me understand the condition and given me the confidence to continue with the therapy. I couldn’t have done it without him…..or his team.
I now find myself ‘spreading the word’. I am not worried or self conscious about telling anyone about my OSA and CPAP therapy, however I don’t like the idea of showing it to anyone….. Mind you, I haven’t had to as yet. But I do get frustrated though, when someone mentions to me about theirs or their OH’s snoring but they wont do anything about it.
Thanks again for all the help and support you have given me… I do hope this serves as a reassurance to anyone else going through the same.

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Interesting article in the Daily Mail about the work of the Imperial College Healthcare Sleep Centre at Charing Cross Hospital.

As the author states:

“Sleep clinics are in great demand as this problem becomes endemic — just last month, a study found one in three British workers is affected by chronic lack of sleep, with many so tired they feel ‘sleep-drunk’ at work.

However, with just two consultants, seeing 140 new patients a month, there is an eight-week wait for an overnight assessment! Sufferers shouldn’t have to wait this long for assessments, and there are other clinics (such as Sleeping Disorders Centres) where the wait will be much shorter.

I would advise NHS patients to exercise their right to choose a clinic that can get their treatment started immediately. Even if this means some travel the life-changing benefits are worthwhile. Unfortunately London is drastically under serviced in this area, while in Lincolnshire we have a fast and efficient service. We do already get a lot of patients traveling up from London for treatment.

For those in the London area unable or unwilling to travel, but who can afford to go private, there is also the option of receiving immediate treatment in Harley Street.



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I am a 55 year old male from Boston in East Anglia, this is a brief synopsis of my condition Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, from diagnosis to treatment

I want to tell others about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, for at least 35 years I was terrified to go to sleep, I would stay awake for days on end until I would go unconscious with sleep deprivation. I always had the most awful dream of drowning, so vivid! I had to fight to wake up ( and I mean fight ) I knew I was “dying”, I would wake with such exhaustion. I would do anything to stay awake, anything!!

I have other serious health problems and went to see my GP about 4 years ago, by chance I happened to tell him this story thinking he would laugh at me and send “me home with a flea in my ear”. With astonishment he said to me I think I know what is wrong, I am going to send you to see someone who I think can help you, this Gentleman’s Gentile MAN was Mr Oko, within a period of 10-15 minutes Mr Oko made me feel very welcome and at ease, his patience was endless, after the “examination” he sent me home with an attachment which I wore for 24 hours took it back and waited for my next appointment.

When I went for my next appointment, and may I say with some trepidation and fear, my fears were not only bourne out, they were far worse than I could take in. Mr Oko informed me that whilst I was asleep that at least every other minute I stopped breathing I was a “tongue” swallower, though he quickly reassured me straight away that he could help.

Mr Oko showed me how to use a C-Pap machine and that it would take a few weeks to get used to it. I remember thinking on my way home “silly bugger, who could ever think I could sleep with this on my face, it will never happen”!! But I thought well try it and see, initially I would try different face masks, I would pull them off when I dozed off, I would gag but through the next weeks and months I got nothing but 100% support off Mr. Oko and his team. Now those who use the C-Pap machine will realize how serious my condition is when I tell you that my settings are 18-20.

I am use to the machine and have been now for about three and a half years, we are really “quite good friends”:-) I brush my teeth, wash my hands and face, pull the duvet down, put my mask on and get into bed. I am usually asleep in about 60 seconds and get a good 10-12 hours sleep and my dreams when they happen are all Fantastic, ones I want. Now I sleep on clouds, amoungst the stars, in the heavens.

The Great news for those who are new to this condition is that it is NOT “quackery” it is medicine and IT WORKS 100%, all you have to do is, Do what Mr Oko asks and I will make you a promise DO IT AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED. We have a Great Doctor and Surgeon that the whole of medicine should be very proud of. Mr Oko has a fantastic team, through the reception team, his secretaries and not forgetting his nursing team oh and of course the tea machine.

Please, please if you are patient, thoughtful and kind remember, you will get 10 minutes if you need or half an hour if you need, no matter how grumpy you are or how lousy a day you may have had, “just smile a kindly hello” as this team will always be there for you as they have been to me! I respect each and everyone of them, YOU ALL CHANGED MY LIFE, THANK YOU ALL (“my living Angels”).

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I have been using CPAP now for two weeks. I have the Optilife intranasal pillow mask and REMstar Auto A-Flex machine with Humidification. The machine was really easy to use and the mask fitted well. The mask is so easy to fit and adjust, as long as you choose the correct size pillow for your nostrils.

I set it all out and tried it, then left it for later that night. Went to bed, made sure I was fully relaxed, put the mask and machine on and fell off to sleep fairly quickly. The machine is very quiet. Rather than my husband being disturbed by my snoring he said it was too quiet!!

After 4 hours I woke up to go to the bathroom, got back into bed and put on my mask and machine, but had to try 4 or 5 times until I could get comfortable, but unfortunately nothing was helping. I just went into a panic and couldn’t work out how to breathe ‘through’ the machine’s pressure. It was well after 2am by this time so had to give in as my other half (OH) had to be in work before 5 that morning and I was disturbing him too much. My nose seemed really cold too so thought I something must be wrong!

During the following day I went over the instructions/settings etc. and discovered that one of the settings on the machine was set for a different nasal pillow, so altered that and the following night was much better….. apart from the pillow, that made my nose sore!

My first night was a Friday, so when Monday morning came and Philips Respironics (PR) helpline was open I thought I’d call then just to check I was doing things right…but before I phoned them they phoned me and put my mind at rest. They went through a few more settings etc. and I was really impressed with their care towards my condition.

After the scary first night I seemed to adapt to using the CPAP machine. I struggled a bit with the washing of the hose. PR said it only had to be done once a week, but having other health issues I needed some assistance with this. First off I didn’t have enough strength to remove the hose from the machine, so it wouldn’t be something I could do if I were on my own. I’m sure a healthy person would have no trouble. The daily washing of the mask cushion and the humidifier haven’t been a problem…apart from remembering to do them!

My OH has been occasionally watching over me whilst I was sleep and he could see on occasions where I started to snore and the pressure on the machine started to increase, stopping the snore in mid flow so to speak! So I know it’s doing its job there!

My first SD card has been sent off and I am awaiting the results. I’m hoping they will be saying they are as good as I think from reading the settings on the CPAP Machine. It is showing my AHI has come down to around 6 from 62 which was discovered at the initial sleep study. I am just waiting for their confirmation of the readings.

The only negative aspect of the past two weeks has been my own ‘positive mental attitude’…

Although I have been using the machine nightly and for around 7 hrs per night, I actual feel more tired now (I was one of those OSA sufferers who had no idea of the problem as I rarely felt that sleepy). I usually feel fatigued due to Fibromyalgia, but not the feeling of needing to sleep…more like my body is starved of rest, but I had thought after two weeks I may have woken up feeling a little brighter.

I know it’s still very early days and my general health doesn’t really help, but this week I gave in and went to see my GP….. he was actually as surprised at my sleep study results as I was! So he was very understanding as to my coping with it all.

As I had done with my appt. with Mr Oko I decided to type out all what i wanted to say to the GP, mainly about how I felt… unfortunately it went into 4 pages, so I had to just leave the copy there for him. He could see I wasn’t coping so well mentally and has given me some assistance with that.

Its still very early days. I’m not going to give in.

Adapting to using the machine was much easier than I thought it would be, but when you have so many other things going on -I think what you feel inside- it can take a little longer.

Next week I am off to have a Mandibular Advancement Device made up. This was something that had been recommended by Mr Oko for me to use alongside the CPAP Therapy as it would help bring my ‘recessed’ jaw forward a little giving me that extra help at night. Usually only the CPAP or the MAD would be used, but as it seems the bone structure of my jaw doesn’t really suit my breathing pattern!! So that will be another thing to update you on soon.

Although I am struggling coming to terms with all this, I aim to stay positive about using the machine, even if it takes a little extra help from friends and my GP to get grips with it all. It would be great to hear of other people’s experiences, esp. ones who see Mr Oko. I am sure that I am not alone.

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I am very thankful for the help I have been given by Mr Oko and the time taken up to listen to me to help me overcome my fears. This is the first step in a huge hurdle for me and with your help I know i will get there. I hope my experience will help others too.

I havent actually started treatment as yet, but thats my own fault really….. I first went to see Mr Oko back in November 2011 and within no time he arranged a Visilab Sleep Study for me. I had envisaged my problem to just be ‘snoring’, so when i went back a couple of week’s later for the results of the Visilab test I was rather alarmed to find I did in fact have Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea!

Not expecting this and not really knowing that much about the CPAP treatment I was too scared to give it a go. I opted for a Mandibular Advancement Device to at least help the situation instead. So whilst waiting for this to  be made up, I did plenty of research on the internet and over the Christmas period wrote out many questions.

Today I have been back to see Mr Oko saying that I have changed my mind and would like to give the treatment a try. He couldn’t have been more helpful. He never rushed me and never pressured me. He answered all my concerns and has sorted out a suitable mask for me to try….all I need to do now is wait for my machine to arrive.

Ok, I know I haven’t actually got any CPAP experience to share with everyone as yet, but my experience of nerves after the initial diagnosis will hopefully help others who may be feeling the same, come forward. I will update as my treatment continues as I would like to help and hopefully others will do the same and I can also gain from their experiences of the condition.

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I am always interested to hear about people’s experiences as a sufferer of sleep apnoea or the partner of a sufferer. The information, knowledge and advice on how to handle the condition from experienced patients can also be invaluable to other sufferers, and raise awareness of the seriousness of sleep apnoea amongst the public.

I would therefore like to invite any sleep apnoea sufferers at any stage of treatment (and their often long-suffering partners) to become guest bloggers for the Snore Centre Blog and let the online community benefit from your experiences.

If you would like to contirbute to the blog please either leave a comment below or contact


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Hi, my name is Stuart I live a pretty normal life for a 27 year old, other than the fact that during a night’s sleep my wife was complaining of my very loud snoring. This argument rumbled on for ages, until she said “if you don’t go to the doctors to see if they can sort this we might have to break up”: this is how serious things got for us.

So as I thought I was fine I went to the doctors and apologised for wasting his time.  He asked some questions so I told him about my wife’s threats then he asked how I felt, so I opened up and told him I feel just as tired when I get up as when I went to bed. I also had a very short temper and this was not me; as anyone who knows me will tell you I am very laid back. The doctor said straight away it is one of two things; either diabetes or sleep apnoea. So he decided to rule out diabetes first -which he did with a blood test- then referred me to a sleep apnoea clinic.

I was very apprehensive and not sure what to expect. I turned up thirty minutes early with my wife (it’s a standing joke that I do not like being late) to book in and be shown to the waiting room. I knew I was in the right room as there were four men in there fast asleep, and one lady reading a book. As my wife was chatting with the lady she found out she was a wife of one of the men. I sat down and waited, trying to make sure I did not fall asleep, but sleep apnoea took its toll. I awoke with my wife tapping me on the arm saying the nurse wants to do some checks on my blood pressure, weight, height and measurements, than back to the waiting room and more sleep.

I was shown through to Mr Oko and I was asked to fill in a very small questionnaire on sleep and how I felt. While doing this Mr Oko was asking my wife questions like “does he stop breathing”, and my wife said no he goes quiet, but I know he is alive as his chest goes up and down. (YOU MUST TAKE YOUR BED PARTNER TO YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT AS I DID NOT KNOW HALF OF THE ANSWERS THAT MY WIFE GAVE MR OKO)

I think I scored 18 on the questionnaire, which I was then told was high, and there was a good chance I had sleep apnoea. Mr Oko asked if I would be prepared to come in and collect a sleep analysis machine to find out what was going on.

I turned up to my second appointment to collect the sleep analyser; needless to say while waiting for my appointment I had a little sleep, as when I have a comfy chair and nothing to do I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Mr Oko explained how to put on the machine and then took it off telling me to put it on before I go to bed and take it off the next morning (TIP NO1. MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF THE SLEEP ANALYSER AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP)

Two weeks later I returned to Mr Oko.  When I was called in I was shown on a computer the results. Mr Oko showed me where I was snoring and was concerned at how low my oxygen levels were dropping, and explained that was enough evidence to prescribe me a C Pap machine. Mr Oko then measured my nose and gave me a mask ( TIP NO2. THESE MASK ARE DAUNTING WHEN YOU FIRST SEE THEM SO START OFF WHILE SITTING WATCHING THE TELEVISION, JUST PUTTING ON FOR A FEW MINUETS AT FIRST YOUR PARTNER WILL POSSIBLY JUST LAUGH, BUT YOU WILL BOTH GET USED TO IT).

For the next stage I was called by a Respironics sleep support team, letting me know they would be delivering my C Pap machine and pipes. I got home and plugged it in. Again, I was very apprehensive about going to sleep. When I went to bed I put the mask on and started the machine the first time felt very strange with air blowing up my nose, but soon felt ok (I remembered the words of mr Oko: if you manage a couple of hours then when you wake up you will feel FULL OF BEANS).  I think I managed about four hours before taking it off, but a lot of people I know say the normal is about two hours building up to a full night’s sleep. I am not sure if tip 2 helped, but on night two I managed a full night and when I woke up the next morning sure enough I felt FULL OF BEANS.

I was amazed at how quickly I felt the benefit; this is when the thought of that dreadful mask goes away and it becomes the best thing since sliced bread.

My Wife is happy as the snoring has stopped and we both sleep much better. My short temper has gone and I am back to my normal self. My thanks goes to my wife for the constant nagging and to the doctor for getting me diagnosed very quickly, and to Mr Oko for all the help and support I could have ever wanted.

If you feel you or your partner could be suffering from sleep apnoea then please go and get yourself checked. Remember, sleep deprivation is a form of torture; don’t torture yourself or your sleep partner. I will guarantee you will feel the benefit straight away. You will feel full of beans again: don’t delay get checked ASAP.

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