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Interesting article in the Daily Mail about the work of the Imperial College Healthcare Sleep Centre at Charing Cross Hospital.

As the author states:

“Sleep clinics are in great demand as this problem becomes endemic — just last month, a study found one in three British workers is affected by chronic lack of sleep, with many so tired they feel ‘sleep-drunk’ at work.

However, with just two consultants, seeing 140 new patients a month, there is an eight-week wait for an overnight assessment! Sufferers shouldn’t have to wait this long for assessments, and there are other clinics (such as Sleeping Disorders Centres) where the wait will be much shorter.

I would advise NHS patients to exercise their right to choose a clinic that can get their treatment started immediately. Even if this means some travel the life-changing benefits are worthwhile. Unfortunately London is drastically under serviced in this area, while in Lincolnshire we have a fast and efficient service. We do already get a lot of patients traveling up from London for treatment.

For those in the London area unable or unwilling to travel, but who can afford to go private, there is also the option of receiving immediate treatment in Harley Street.



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I am always interested to hear about people’s experiences as a sufferer of sleep apnoea or the partner of a sufferer. The information, knowledge and advice on how to handle the condition from experienced patients can also be invaluable to other sufferers, and raise awareness of the seriousness of sleep apnoea amongst the public.

I would therefore like to invite any sleep apnoea sufferers at any stage of treatment (and their often long-suffering partners) to become guest bloggers for the Snore Centre Blog and let the online community benefit from your experiences.

If you would like to contirbute to the blog please either leave a comment below or contact


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A stroll through the recently opened Snore Centre clinic at Johnson Hospital in Spalding, Lincs.

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The September issue is now out:

Snore Centre Patient eNewsletter September 2011


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The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement is publishing a profile of the Snoring Disorders Centre, outlining the service and the impact it has had both for individual patients and Lincolnshire as a whole. This will be put up on the NHS Innovations website and circulated throughout the NHS as an example of best practice in service innovation. Here is an extract on the benefits the service has had in road accident reduction:

“Occupational road related deaths and accidents in Lincolnshire average about 79 per year. 20% of car accidents are shown to be sleep related although it’s uncertain how many are due to obstructive sleep apnoea. The cost of each fatal accident is around £1.64 million, so every accident prevented is of significant benefit to society and to the NHS. Many of our patients admit to feeling drowsy at the wheel.

“By December 2010, the number of  fatal road traffic accidents had fallen from 79 to 45. This represents a saving of over £55 million to the economy, including the NHS. A contributory factor may be that the service has treated over 1,200 patients with sleep apnoea and these people are now able to drive more safely, rather than being in fear of falling asleep at the wheel.

“One patient who drives 50,000 miles a year for work said using the CPAP machine to treat his sleep apnoea has turned his life around: ‘For four or five years I struggled to sleep and I used to need two naps every day just to get through the day. My GP referred me to Mr Oko when I said I had trouble sleeping. Within weeks he got me on a CPAP machine which I use every night and I’ve never looked back. It’s made a huge difference to my life’.”

Read the full snoring and sleep apnoea disorders centre profile

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