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Paul appeared on a BBC sleep show called “Goodnight Britain” in February 2013. He was suffering from disturbed sleep and diagnosed with sleep apnoea. As a lorry driver by profession he needed to get this under control, and was taken to see us at the Snore Centre.

“Since been on the therapy with Mr Oko, it has dramatically changed my life for the good. It used to be a nightmare for myself and my long suffering partner Clare with the nightly rumblings of my snoring causing a severe strain on our relationship.

“The CPAP machine has got to be the best invention ever, I get on average 7 hrs sleep every night, but would like to say that it would be undisturbed, but it’s Clare who keeps waking me now with her snoring.

“I wake up feeling more refreshed than I used to before, no more coming home from work and falling asleep on the sofa, can even do more exercise than before plus I’m losing weight which is a bonus. Only down side, is that sometimes I do wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat, but that’s nothing compared to getting a good night’s sleep.”



Kevin, aged 55, hadn’t had a peaceful night’s sleep in 25 years before being treated for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) .

“I used to think that my problems sleeping were due to nightmares in which I felt I was drowning, and would be constantly struggling to wake up in order to stay alive. I went to see my GP about 4 years ago to tell him about the dream, just on the off chance that he could suggest something to help.

“My GP referred me to Mr Oko and he gave me a machine to wear for 24 hours, then he diagnosed me with both sleep apnoea and being a tongue swallower. He told me that the nightmares I had been having where I struggled to breathe were not in fact merely bad dreams, but due to my tongue blocking my airway. So I was actually fighting for my life during sleep. I would wake up coughing all the time, which was due to needing to cough my tongue out of my throat in order to breathe.

“I started using a 2 in 1 CPAP machine that both keeps my airway open, and keeps my tongue forward to prevent me swallowing it. I sleep like a baby now for 8 hours a night, and no longer have the drowning nightmares. As well as treating me Mr Oko has taught me all about the condition in a very clear and infomative way, and how to manage it. I have even recognised OSA symptoms in a friend, who kept falling asleep during the day, and he is now also receiving successful treatment for OSA.

“I used to fear going to bed and be constantly sleepy during the day, but this treatment has completely changed my life.”



Derek, aged 67, discovered he had sleep apnoea when his wife, a sleep apnoea sufferer of over 10 years, noticed his excessive snoring.

“My wife used to stop breathing during sleep and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea at a sleep clinic. She had been receiving treatment for 6 years. So when Mr Oko opened his clinic in Boston I went to be tested, and was also diagnosed with sleep apnoea.

“Now I am receiving treatment and my quality of life has been transformed. Mr Oko explained to me what was happening and worked with me to find the appropriate treatment. The treatment is a continuous process, and Mr Oko ensures I get 100% from the CPAP machine, and found the best mask to ensure as comfortable and peaceful sleep as possible.

“Having a local clinic at Boston has been a godsend in terms of getting access to treatment, and my wife has also been able to transfer there to continue her treatment.”

  1. Joan Kincey’s avatar

    It is nice to hear thatOSD is being treated in Boston Lincs,I just would like to enquire how long it has been in operation? My son who lived in Crowland Lincs,he sufferd with OSD,he had been diagnosed at Papworth Hospital Cambs,about 4 years ago,and used CPAP without fail for that amount of time. Sadly for me he passed away in his sleep ,he was wearing his mask,and air was still being blown into his lungs,when he was discovered by a concerned neighbour.My son passed away in November 2010,he was 46yrs of age,the coroner stated ,Sleep Apnoea as main cause,and blocked left ventricle in heart as 2nd,we were told that OSD can seriously affect other body organs,as they get overworked,Joan Kincey a very sad mother.


  2. admin’s avatar

    Hi Joan. Very sorry to hear of your loss. Sleep Apnoea is linked to heart problems and other serious illnesses and we are trying to get this message out as most people are unaware. The Boston Clinic at Pilgrim Hospital opened in 2006.


  3. Joan Kincey’s avatar

    I thank you sincerely for your reply,it helps me to know that you are trying to get this message out,as you say most people are unaware ,how serious Sleep Apnoea can bein some cases,I myself have been doing my best to inform any one I can ,anyway I can ,Ihaveto do this firstly for my Dear son Michael,and so others do not go through what I have ,through lack of awareness,Sincerely Joan Kincey


  4. stephen smith’s avatar

    Hi. I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea 10 months ago. My apnoea events were 51 times per hour. I was given a CPAP machine to wear at night. This simple piece of equipment has changed my life. I have more energy, do not feel tired all the time, have lost a few pounds and feel loads happier and it has reduced my sugar levels as well. It did take about two weeks to keep the mask on all night but i knew it was going to make a difference because on the first night I only managed to keep the mask on for one and half hours. I could tell the difference from that short solid sleep. After using this machine for three months I was tested again and my apnoea events were zero. :o)
    I know wearing it is a passion killer but without it, it’s just a killer. I know which I prefer. Anyway, from a very happy CPAP user to any one who reads this, kind regards and sleep well, Steve :o)


    1. Lisa Hodgson’s avatar

      Hi Stephen, I loved your story and about it being a passion killer lol , it’s not really as you put it on after, I wear one too, I’m sure your wife is happier to have you healthy, good luck Lisa xx


    2. Jean Lunn’s avatar

      I have been wearing a sleep ap machine for 18 months now. I still do not sleep properly and when I mentioned that I am not getting on with my machine very well, I didn,t find any-one was very helpful. My consultant didn,t even know that I had a machine, although I had returned the data back as I was requested to do so. My consultant hadn,t even looked at my records. I was given a different mask to try but when I got home it didn,t fit the pipe on my machine. I have rang up and told them at Pigrim and someone was supposed to ring me back but I am still waiting. I have not had any correspondence form the data people either. I feel quite dispondent about the whole experience.



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