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Im speaking at ENT and Audiology Services 2011 in London on 29th September. I will be addressing:

Developing a business case for investing in the continued improvement to ENT services

  • Understanding the impact of the independent sector on ENT services provided by the NHS
  • Assessing the impact of “Any Willing Provider” on the business viability of ENT units in secondary care
  • Developing best practice around recording and highlighting excellent patient experiences
  • Branding and selling your services in a competitive market

Here is a summary of the event:

All departments and services in the NHS need to find efficiency savings as finances become tighter, and the nation’s population grows older and more dependent on NHS care. With the complex and rapid pace of change caused by recent health reforms, the future of the NHS has never been more uncertain. These concerns will affect all ENT and Audiology departments and will revolutionise how services are run.

Despite providing a service that patients truly value, ENT and Audiology services may be at a greater threat from cuts than other departments. ENT has previously been criticised for providing treatments of low clinical value that are often seen to improve the quality of life of patients, rather than treatments that save lives, putting these services at a greater risk from the threat of cuts.
Is your department prepared for the future challenges you are going to face?

To help you through these changing times, Health Service Journal has expertly produced ENT and Audiology Services 2011. This timely and informative conference has been specially researched and designed to help you prepare and deliver results in 2011 and beyond.


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