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Consultant ENT surgeon and founder of the Snoring Disorders Centre (Snore Centre), Michael Oko, has launched a new online resource in the form of a blog , with the aim of spreading the message about sleep apnoea and snoring via online social media networks.

Blog posts cover all aspects of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA); from the latest research into the condition, to everyday issues that sufferers face. The site will therefore be of interest to both medical professionals, as well as sufferers, and anyone looking for more information about the condition. The blog will complement the existing Snore Centre website which provides visitors with information about diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea.

Mr Oko said, “Sleep apnoea has been prevalent for many years and is associated with obese patients in two thirds of cases, but awareness of the existence of this condition is very low. With the obesity epidemic which is spreading across the world, in particular in developed and wealthy countries, the impact on society of this chronic condition is becoming more apparent.  OSA can ruin the quality of life of sufferers, and is also a significant cause of road accidents. This is why I feel it is vital to use any means available to alert people to the existence of this condition, and encourage them to seek medical advice if they suspect they have OSA.”

Although about 20% of the population snore, OSA is thought to affect between 2 and 4% of the population and is at least twice as common in males as females. In practice overweight males in sedentary occupations (lorry drivers for example) in their 30s and 40s are the group most commonly present in the clinics, with a history of loud snoring and fatigue. Mr Oko has already called for all haulage drivers to be tested for OSA

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