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Are you holding your breath in your sleep? - BBC

Mohammed has sleep apnoea - a serious condition that can lead to constantly interrupted sleep and substantial weight gain. Most of those suffering don't realise they have it.

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The Role of ENT in Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

In this presentation Mr Oko outlines the importance of the examination of the nose as part of the upper airway with nasendoscopy in diagnosing sleep apnoea, and the embedding of ENT in all OSA clinics.

Michael Oko features on BBC1 program "Goodnight Britain"

Sleeping Disorders Centre founder and ENT consultant surgeon Michael Oko was featured on a BBC1 program called "Goodnight Britain" which was shown on November 29th 2012 at 9pm.

Michael Oko speaking at HSJ ENT Conference Part 1

Michael's presentation to the ENT and Audiology Service 2011 conference: Developing a business case for investing in the continued improvement to ENT services

Michael Oko speaking at HSJ ENT conference Part 2

Michael's presentation to the ENT and Audiology Service 2011 conference: Developing a business case for investing in the continued improvement to ENT services

BBC Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Coverage

A short clip showing Mr. Oko's work, highlighting the problems of sleep apnoea with regards to lorry drivers, as featured on the BBC News.


Peter Levy: "A Lincolnshire hospital consultant is calling for all haulage companies to test their drivers for sleep related illnesses. Michael Oko, who works at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital claims that there could be more than 25,000 drivers in the county suffering from sleep apnoea. He says the condition, which leaves sufferers feeling constantly tired, is both easy to diagnose and to treat."

Reporter: "Snorers can sound funny, but it is certainly no laughing matter, if, as believed, they could be the cause of a significant number of road accidents. Snoring is one of the symptoms of sleep apnoea which causes sufferers to stop breathing briefly. This means they never enter deep REM sleep and so wake up still feeling tired. Michael Oko, a Consultant at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital, claims that 1 in 6 HGV drivers could be sufferers, and he is calling for employers to run regular tests"

Michael Oko: "It would be reasonable for forward-looking companies to actually take the bull by the horns, get their staff screened, get them seen, get them assessed and get them treated."

Reporter: "Lincolnshire Road Safety officials estimate that 25 road accidents last year were possibly sleep related. The lorry drivers we spoke to say they would welcome regular screening"

HGV drivers:

  • "I mean this is capable of, well, plated at 44 tonnes, so imagine a driver falls asleep - he's going to kill someone isn't he?"
  • "If there are accidents caused by lack of sleep, then yes, it would be a good idea to get tested."
  • "If regular tests were available on the NHS, then I can only think that would be a good thing."

Reporter: "Overnight monitoring can determine whether someone has sleep apnoea. Treatment is then simple and effective, if a little cumbersome. These CPAP machines, which pump oxygen directly into a patient's airways ensuring a good night's sleep, could prove to be lifesavers, but only if more drivers come forward for treatment."

Mr Oko's Lecture on Sleep Apnoea & Car Accidents

This video offers an introduction to snoring and sleep apnoea, explaining what it is as well as the risks that are associated with these conditions. Mr. Oko explains the real problems of sleep apnoea, such as excessive fatigue and driving accidents.

Mr Oko's Lecture on Snoring Surgey

Mr. Oko's presentation discussing surgery for problem snoring. Click here, to read more about snoring surgery.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires: at the heart of these service is patient satisfaction

The Jayex system is a multi-lingual technology allowing you to access information about snoring and sleep apnoea as well as to help the centre determine whether or not you have a sleep disorder. The Jayex system is completely confidential and can allow you to gain knowledge and guidance and give feedback whilst offering anonymity. This video introduces the system and how it is used within the Sleeping Disorders Centre.

Driving Down Your Business Risk

Road safety is a serious concern and accidents can be reduced by appropriate diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea. This video outlines the problems of driving and sleep apnoea with a focus on Linconshire and lorry drivers. It provides information on how businesses who may be concerned about the risks sleep apnoea poses can best deal with the information.

Childhood Sleep Problems

Although children very rarely suffer from sleep apnoea, some do and it is important to recognise the symptoms so that they can recieve treatment. This video will help you to do this.

Educational Video

This is a concise video explaining sleep apnoea and how it occurs as well as how the CPAP machine can help you to control this problem.