Michael Oko contributes to #SleepAwarenessCampagin2021 in The Guardian

In a special supplement on sleep health in March Sleeping Disorders Centre founder Michael Oko joined other healthcare professionals and campaigners in raising awareness of OSA. The article titlled Sleep Yourself to Better Health was written by Ailsa Colquhoun, distributed in The Guardian and sponsored by Dolby Vivisol.

The campaign was held  during Sleep Awareness Week 2021 and World Sleep Day 2021 on 19th March. Here is an extract from the articel: 

“The best thing you can do in preparation for your COVID-19 vaccine is to get a good night’s sleep. Flu studies show that your immune system is twice as likely to respond well to the vaccine if you sleep well. Sleep is vital to keep your immune system at its best. As Lincolnshire ENT surgeon and sleep specialist Mr Michael Oko says: “Before you get that all-important jab, make sure you sleep well”. This is often easier said than done.

“COVID-19, work worries, money concerns, home/family-life are common issues that affect sleep. Mr Oko says: “When you have anxieties, it is not surprising that you can’t fall asleep easily.” However, you could be suffering from a form of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).”