A Mandibular Advancement device looks very similar to a mouth guard, and is worn at night to hold your lower jaw and tongue further forward than usual, preventing them from blocking your airway. These guards are only really effective for those whose snoring originates from the tongue or due to a slightly recessed jaw. Mandibular Advancement devices can also help to stop mild / moderate cases of sleep apnoea, when fitted correctly.


Mandibular Advanced Fitting

The mandibular device is fitted over both sets of your teeth and held together with rigid elastic band fittings. These encourage your lower jaw to sit further forward than normal. The device is not very invasive, and when fitted correctly, ought to cause you no discomfort. You can continue to breathe through your mouth during sleep although it might take awhile for you to get used to the feeling of having something in your mouth while sleeping. Often people who can’t cope with using a CPAP machine find that a mandibular advancement device is a good alternative.

Your mandibular device should be fitted by a dentist or a specialist. This will ensure that your device is properly fitted, and is more likely to be comfortable for you to sleep with. Our specialists will arrange your treatment with a suitable dentist or specialist.

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