The Business Case for Improving ENT Services: Part Two

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    Review by J. hanson for Rating: Great lltite product, with an innovative, effective design. I’d been using adhesive strips for the past year to allow me, a guy with allergies, to breathe normally and reduce bouts of snoring. This product works almost as well for me, without all the daily unpackaging, sticky glue, and monthly expense. I have a smallish nose, which fits the clip well, but I have no idea how it might work with larger or smaller noses. If it fits, though, the air flows nicely although I keep the second clip handy at bedside; every other night or so, the clip pops out while I’m sleeping, and I simply reach over and pop in the other one. Just a minor annoyance for me, especially considering the alternatives.If you give this a try, just be sure to insert it correctly and then experiment a bit for comfort. Mine has never hurt after I figured out the correct way to insert it (the instructions are foggy) and then gave my nose a week or so to adapt. For me, some mild initial discomfort, nothing more, once I learned that the two tiny balls should face inward and not touch the skin. Definitely remember that if you buy. (Better instructions are available online if you Google video instructions nozovent .)My only concern is long-term: how long will the clips last? My first pair have more or less retained their shape for several weeks, thus far, but even a slight change can reduce effectiveness. At least they’re cheap and come in pairs. Meanwhile, I’m sleeping well, with the added peace of mind that I’m waking my wife less often. It’s nearly all good.UPDATE IN MAY 2010: I’m approaching the end of my second year with this product. I stand by the above review, but I’ve learned that I can make each clip deliver peak performance for at least a month (when I toss it because it gets dirty despite washing). So one pack lasts me two months. Here’s the simple trick: bending the clip backward (the sides with the tiny balls facing outward) while not in use. I use a twist tie (the type that comes with trash bags) that I’ve made into a small circle, and I just insert the nasal clip into the circle each morning with the clip bent backward, the opposite of how I wear it at night. This process takes five seconds, and the clip then regains its original shape and effectiveness before night falls. It’s such an easy way to prolong clip life that I have to wonder if the company holds that lltite secret tightly. Whatever, I do like this product. Maybe you will, too, but needs and noses differ.



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