Snore Centre Patient eNewsletter March 2012

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    During sleep, humans and in grnaeel, mammalian vertebrates which have a tongue,(as any other animals) suffer intense relaxation of the muscle, and those of the tongue and palate are included (palatopharyngeal, palatoglossus, palatopalatal,), making the roof of the mouth (soft palate), to vibrate loudly when the person asleep, breathes with the mouth open .Other less common causes of snoring, are partial obstructions in the nose tissues (very deviated septum bone, big turbinate bones and so on),,,,forcing the pass of air through the semi.obstructed oropharynx, and thus, making it vibrate .The weight of the tongue in obese individuals, adds to this negative “quality”.Basically, snoring is due to noisy vibration of the soft palate, when our body sufferes extreme relaxation during sleep ..(which of course, is part of being asleep),,,By the way, dogs, cats and horses snore too, ..this, just as a curious data, in case you didnt know ..(they are vertebrate mammals and posess a palate too, .)



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