Eight weeks Wait For Sleep Apnoea Assessment in London

Interesting article in the Daily Mail about the work of the Imperial College Healthcare Sleep Centre at Charing Cross Hospital.

As the author states:

“Sleep clinics are in great demand as this problem becomes endemic — just last month, a study found one in three British workers is affected by chronic lack of sleep, with many so tired they feel ‘sleep-drunk’ at work.

However, with just two consultants, seeing 140 new patients a month, there is an eight-week wait for an overnight assessment! Sufferers shouldn’t have to wait this long for assessments, and there are other clinics (such as Sleeping Disorders Centres) where the wait will be much shorter.

I would advise NHS patients to exercise their right to choose a clinic that can get their treatment started immediately. Even if this means some travel the life-changing benefits are worthwhile. Unfortunately London is drastically under serviced in this area, while in Lincolnshire we have a fast and efficient service. We do already get a lot of patients traveling up from London for treatment.

For those in the London area unable or unwilling to travel, but who can afford to go private, there is also the option of receiving immediate treatment in Harley Street.



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