Clip of a Sleep Apnoea Assessment on Goodnight Britain

Presented by Sian Williams, Goodnight Britain tackled the nation’s biggest sleep disorders, meeting and curing some of the UK’s worst sleepers and exposing the extraordinary behaviour that lurks behind Britain’s bedroom curtains. Goodnight Britain’s sleep experts ventured into the bedrooms of five contributors tormented by a range of conditions, from parasomniacs who scream the house down and snorers whose trumpeting rattles the window-panes, to insomniacs who bake six hours a night.

One of the people featured on the programme was lorry driver Paul, whose loud and constant snoring was leaving him feeling tired in the daytime, as well as keeping his wife awake all night. Diagnosing sleep apnoea due to Paul’s frequent breath-holding while asleep the sleep doctors sent Paul to see me at my clinic at Johnson Hospital in Spalding, Lincs, for treatment.

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  1. Roz’s avatar

    the show was great and very informative to others who may not be effected by OSA or didn’t even know it existed, but its given them insight into how and what CPAP users have to endure.
    Plus I hope It has encouraged others to get checked out.
    I did mention in an earlier comment, it would have been nice to see a female OSA patient on the show too, as initially I thought it was just men that had OSA! I’ve been proved wrong there, but I have met many woman who are possibly at risk but they won’t go and see about it.
    it was nice to see you on TV too :).
    It’s been a year now since I was diagnosed but I unfortunately have not benefited from the effects of relieving the fatigue , but that’s most probably due to other health conditions.
    Although the past year has gone pretty quickly, it’s had a lots of ups and downs, but after finding a mask that I’m now comfortable with, i’m happy to say I am 100% compliant ….. and I couldn’t have managed it without your support.
    Thank you x



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