The Sleeping Disorders Centre is a unique and innovative service led by consultant surgeon Mr Michael Oko, with Professor Ram Dhillon as part of the senior team.

We provide an accurate and prompt diagnosis of various sleep problems including sleep apnoea and snoring, and help to identify the most appropriate treatment for you. Problem snoring and sleep apnoea are a more widespread problem than most people think and often people do not even realise that they are suffering. Consultations take place over the telephone and online in order to ensure your safety and reduce unnecessary journeys. We are committed to providing an excellent quality of care and are constantly improving our service in response to patient feedback.


Long-Term Care

We provide rapid access online clinics where we can review patients who have problems with their CPAP machines or masks. This is very important as we understand that continuity of treatment is crucial for people suffering from sleep apnoea and problem snoring. We use advanced computing technology to remotely monitor our patients on therapy to reduce the number of hospital visits required. A Free phone number is provided to our patients with telephone support to help them with any queries they may have. CPAP machines and accessories are couriered to the patient’s home and annual services and upgrades are provided so that you will always have the latest and up to date machines available to use.

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Our Happy Patients

stars I can’t overstate how helpful the service with Prof Dhillon is to me – for the first time in years I feel rested and without headaches. Amazing how fast the issue was diagnosed and a machine to fix the problem dispatched also. Huge thanks again.


stars My personal experience of dealing with mr Oko is that i would have no problem recommending him to anyone, his manners ars second to none and the treatment and follow up appointments are meticulous as is his professionalism. My treatment was for apneoa and throat problems for which he was maticulous and curteos. i hold mr Oko in the highest regard as both a specialist and a man.

– H J Magee

stars Dr Dhillon and the rest of the team were wonderful. Explained my results really well. Got my kit sent out really fast and even though it was via telephone due to lockdown I understood everything.


stars Michael Oko has that uncanny ability to get into your head and motivate you to succeed where lesser mortals would give up. With the help of this award winning team and my wife I lost sufficient weight and made the lifestyle changes to come off CPAP therapy – My life is so much better now.

– Nigel Swift

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